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CaféTerias prefers to use the Enhanced Food Based Menu Planning Option and Offer vs. Serve Policy in our lunchrooms. We believe this option is the most user friendly and reiterates the concept of balanced meals and food groups. Offer vs. Serve increases customer satisfaction by giving students some say in what is put on their tray, reduces food waste and reduces food costs, so higher quality foods can be purchased on a daily basis.

Offer vs. Serve Policy

  • Requires the lunch staff to prepare complete menus offering all five-(5) meal components. Students are encouraged to take the complete meal for optimal nutritional value, but may decline one-(1) or two-(2) components if they choose. A minimum of three-(3) meal components must be served in order to qualify as a school lunch. Dessert does not qualify as a component.

Enhanced Food Based Menu Planning

  • Menus developed based on the five traditional meal components (meat/meat alternate, breads/grains, two different fruits and/or vegetables and milk) must be offered with each reimbursable meal. The minimum portion/serving requirements for the fruit/vegetable and bread/grain component must be increased based on the grade levels.
  • A sponsor must offer all five required food items.
  • Nutrient analysis of menu items offered is completed by the state agency.